Roof Replacement Process

roof replacement process

When it’s time for a new roof you want to know exactly what’s involved in the roof replacement process. Roofers and their crew are used to doing the job and might forget to fill you in on all the details. Here are the main roof replacement steps you need to know:

How long does a roof replacement take?

Typically your roof will be installed within 1 to 3 days. This depends on several factors, mainly the weather and the size of the project. The roof installation can usually take place while you’re at work but discuss with your roofing contractor whether or not you need to be home.

Before the work starts

A few days before the actual roof replacement process, one or two dumpsters might be delivered and placed in your yard or driveway. These are for discarded roofing materials and anything else that’s being recycled. They aren’t too attractive, but they won’t be around long.

Materials may also be delivered a few days before the roof installation. You’ll want to have a designated place for them, usually the driveway, and you’ll need to see if you need to be there to sign for the delivery

You might also want to clear your yard of anything that could be damaged by falling shingles or tools. Take the appropriate measures to protect any garden areas, plants or outdoor furniture.

Inside your home, consider removing any hanging pictures or other breakable items that could be jarred from the vibrations from all the hammering being done.

The day of roof installation

While the work is ongoing, you don’t want to park near the work. Be sure to relocate anything else like bikes that could potentially be damaged and encourage family members to be aware of what’s going on.

Be ready — roofers like to get an early start! They’ll be making a whole lot of noise so keep that in mind.

If you have a gate in your backyard, your roofing contractor may request that you leave it unlocked so their workers can have easy access. If you have pets, you’ll want to keep them inside as much as possible. If you have to let them out just be aware that gates may be open.

Once the roof replacement work is done

The roofers will make sure they pick up any fallen debris and nails from the ground but it’s not a bad idea to double check. Check the entire yard, the driveway and road close to the project for nails.

It could take a day or two for the filled dumpsters to be picked up once the project is complete.

Getting a new roof can be noisy and an inconvenience, but it will be over in just a few days!