“R.S. Warren Construction installed a new roof on my home in 2009. They corrected all of the problem leak areas that I had when I purchased the home a year ago. I was really impressed that my roof was installed in one day and after they were done the cleanup was great and other than the new roof, I could not even tell they were there.” Matt Morley  – Columbus, Indiana 2012


“Palmetto Roofing [division of RS Warren Construction] replaced my roof after a hail storm. They handled everything from meeting with my insurance adjuster to filing final paperwork (invoices and lien waivers) with my insurance company and mortgage lender. The quality of work was excellent and I am very pleased.” Sara Myers – Lake Wylie, South Carolina 2011


“Hail damaged my roof in 2006 and R.S. Warren construction replaced it. I was very happy with the work. I called them back after another hailstorm in 2009 and was glad they inspected my roof and found damage so we did it again. This time the storm was worse and damaged my siding and gutters as well, so R.S. Warren Construction replaced them too!” Bill Johnson – Fishers, Indiana 2009


“Following the great “Hail Event” of April, we interviewed several contractors. Randy and Palmetto [division of RS Warren Construction] came across as the most Professional and Customer Service oriented. We have a very large roof, with very, very steep pitch, much of it 10/12 and nearly 1200 square feet of area. My wife and I were concerned that because of the size and complexity of the roof it would not be done in a day and we wanted the parts of the roof that were not completed to be covered with a tarp overnight. Randy assured us that would not be a problem.

To our delight, Palmetto put 13 men on the roof so it would be done in one day, and it was.

With 30 years in Engineering and the Building Trades, I know the importance of Quality and Workmanship, but so also is Timeliness.  I was very impressed that Palmetto appreciated the need to provide the large number of experienced workers that it took to accomplish the work in a day.

…and the crew. They were all very polite, no crude language, no radios blaring up to the roof. These guys are First Rate.

The following day Adan, one of the field supervisors who worked with the roofers, came back with his nephews and his son. He climbed the roof, looked it over thoroughly and made me feel more comfortable that there were no loose ends. They then proceeded to go back over my lawn and bushes to clean up every last nail.” Stephen Mayer -Clover, South Carolina 2011


“I had my roof felt and shingles removed and replaced and siding replaced by Palmetto Roofing. [division of RS Warren Construction]

My roof was damaged as a result of a hailstorm back in April. I was one of the fist people in my neighborhood to contact my insurance company, and the adjuster came to take a look while I was away at work. I received a claim check that cited my need for a new roof and I set out to find a company to perform the work. I met with several roofers that basically told me that they would not be able to perform the job for the amount my insurance company had agreed to provide– and gave me no options or hope for a resolution to the problem. I called my insurance claim adjuster several times and received no response. My wife and I were very concerned as anyone who was dealing with this type of insurance company/roofing company run-around for the first time would be.

A few days after the third attempt to contact my insurance adjuster failed, my wife and I were on our way out when we noticed a Palmetto Roofing representative standing by his work vehicle in the next neighborhood over. I pulled up to him and asked if he could give me a business card as I was still trying to find someone to replace my roof. He was very professional and listened to everything I had to say. A few days later I met with the same Palmetto Roofing representative and he agreed to negotiate on my behalf with my insurance company to help me to get what I expected after paying homeowner’s insurance for the last 15 years without missing a payment.

It took a few weeks to get a resolution and agreement with the insurance company (Palmetto also had a difficult time with return calls from them) but in the end Palmetto was able to negotiate a fair agreement that would help me to get the work done that was needed.

My wife and I were equally pleased with our experience when it came time for the actual job to be done. There was no long wait for the job to be scheduled. The crew were punctual, respectful, and very hard-working. The end result was an absolutely beautiful job that I am very happy with. I highly recommend this company to anyone who enjoys great service.” Anthony Qualiana – Clover, SC 2011


“Remove existing shingles, replace roof with new three dimensional shingles, Elk shingles, replace any needing decking, install drippage, water shield and roof vents. Very well organized, hard working crew, highly skilled. Great job!!!! Very satisfied.

R.S. Warren Construction did an outstanding job. The crew worked quickly and efficiently. Completed the job in one day. Crew came on time, cleaned up well after job, and high quality workmanship. Supervisor was at my home to coordinate any material or construction issues. I recommend Warren Construction highly.” Ken Chase – Fishers, Indiana 2011